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This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The only way to reduce HIV transmission or other sexually transmitted infections during sex is to use a barrier - most commonly a condom. If you are having anal sex, it's important that you use a regular condom which fits your penis, and use plenty of water based lubricant.

I'm a gay man who doesn't like anal sex

Oral Sex & Gay Men - Pamphlet - ETR

New data on gay and bisexual men in the UK show that many men have significant information needs around the law on HIV transmission, and that testing for hepatitis C is relatively common. Moreover, there is new information on sexual practice in relation to poppers and oral sex. For the edition 12, valid responses were received from gay or bisexual men living in the UK. The questionnaire presented a number of facts about HIV transmission and the law that health promoters believe are important to know, and asked whether respondents already knew this information. Amyl, butyl or isobutyl nitrite, are recreational drugs sniffed during sex to both intensify the experience and relax anal sphincter muscles. Kissing, licking or sucking another person's genitals, i. In relation to sex, a term previously used to describe sex without condoms.


Summary: Seventy-five homosexual men with recently acquired HIV were interviewed about their risk behaviour. Fifty-nine reported unprotected anal intercourse, and one shared injecting equipment, with a partner not known to be HIV negative. Of the remaining 15, 11 reported protected anal intercourse.
Participants who completed HIV testing and oral sex questions at enrollment were selected. Oropharyngeal swab testing for Neisseria gonorrhoeae NG and Chlamydia trachomatis CT began in and for those with diagnostic results at enrollment, the unadjusted association of oral sex practices with oropharyngeal STIs was conducted. Factors associated with increased odds of engaging in oral sex included living with HIV adjusted [a]OR: 1. In the absence of screening and treatment guidelines, condoms continue to be the mainstay for oral STI prevention.