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By Nancy Brockton. In this scorching collection from bestselling erotica author Nancy Brockton, five beautiful women experience the thrill of a first lesbian sex encounter. They love being friends, and they tell each other everything. Kelly has a crush on a boy and keeps it to herself.

Lesbian Sex Stories

Smashwords – Lesbian Sex Stories 1: Laura's First Seduction - A book by Victoria Andersen - page 1

Hot summer of was coming to an end. Laura was a girl that lived in a Southern town; town so small that only a few years ago everyone met at the same movie theater and the local ice cream place housed every teacher, classmate and neighbor in the city. Laura had always been a bit on the shy side. In school she mostly kept to herself. She did have friends but it was mostly girls, the quiet and studious kind.

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He was hot and exciting and everything I could have hoped for. Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity and includes rough sex, group sex, first anal sex, reluctant sex, first lesbian sex, and more. Anna is a city girl, a marketing executive used to running life with absolute control in the big city, but her boyfriend Isaac convinces her to go on a hike.
First time lesbian sex can be really bloody overwhelming and daunting. And that can come before or after you figure out whether you're gay, lesbian , bisexual or pansexual. So these women have kindly shared what the stories of what their first lesbian experience or woman-on-woman, vulva-on-vulva, however they want to define it was like Five years ago I decided to try being involved with a woman because I had many unsuccessful relationships with men and I wondered if I was missing out.