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Bunny Leech. Tail Loop : 20LB Mono. There are a number of fly tying materials offering a wide degree of diversity and value to all fly tyers. Peacock, pheasant tail and rabbit fur are three such examples. All of these three are readily available and easy to work with.

Rabbit Strips For Fly Tying

Rabbit Strip Leech Fly Pattern | Fly fishing, Steelhead flies, Fly fishing rods

River Rabbit by Martin Bawden. With a slightly shorter tail, it can be a good sculpin or crawfish imitation. Alternatively, strip it faster and it can be mistaken for a fleeing baitfish. Try different color combinations and have fun!

Rabbit Strip Leech Fly Pattern

Rabbit Strip Leech. Sometimes called a String Leech. Swinging flies for steelhead is becoming more popular with anglers using two-handed switch and spey rods. These larger patterns can bring a little more attention to themselves as they swim through an expansive run or in dirty or stained water. Anglers that swing or strip streamers often complain that fish nip at the tail, missing the hook.
You can fish Chuck's Sculpin on a floating or sinking-tip line. Floating lines are best for shallow pocketwater and riffle sections that require quick casts and short drifts; sinking-tip lines are better for fishing deep holes. Give your fly time to sink before beginning your retrieve.