Door open peeing she

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I consider myself an open person. I have nothing to hide. I thoroughly enjoy peeing with the door open! Not me! Like a drunk guy peeing on a dumpster after a college football game, I give zero fucks. I once discretely pooped in a lake while fishing with my dad.


Pissing in public cabin with the door open |

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Think peeing with the door open is sexy?

Is it normal to pee with the door open in front of your partner? So, there's no short answer — except that it varies from couple to couple. Kids see their parents peeing with the doors open in general, or they see their parents peeing with the doors open around their partner, or children, and they absorb that experience. It stays with them.
Here is just a friendly list of things to watch out for as you get comfy in your relationship:. Hot pee smells likes stale buttered popcorn — please, spare your mate. This is gross and embarrassing to most women. This is so not sexy.