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Foot fetish's are pretty common. Though the sniffing part I don't know about, but hey, he isn't hurting anything right? As for indulging fetish's, we both do for each other as we both have them. Marriage means only one sex partner at least for us so we both put in the effort to make sure the other is happy, it's only fair. No, she hasn't left him, at least not yet. I don't think she believes the Enquirer stories.

Rachael Ray's has left her husband because he has a foot fetish?

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Oh dear. You heard me. Walz told The Enquirer she has been involved with Cusimano since meeting him in front of a lesbian bar in and continued to see him after his marriage to Ray in Okay, when the ballsiest tabloid on the market wont print something, you know it has to be bad. What they will print is Walz's who passed a lie detector test administered by The Enquirer claims that Cusimano liked her to spit and drool in his face and rub her bare feet on his face while he was undressed. Judging by the butch looking photos of this chick featured in The Enquirer and the fact that they say Cusimano met her in front of a lesbian bar, I am not sure if I would classify these two of having an "affair.

Strange Things About Rachael Ray's Marriage

By dogtrash Watch. FHM had given her the contact of one of their photographers who was a very famous and successful photographer called Hollowtaker, she drove to the address that they had given her and knocked at his door. She was really nervous and waited impatiently for Hollowtaker to open the door, but he soon opened the door to his studio and led her inside. Hollowtaker told her to try some outfits, for him to see what would be better for her to wear on the photos, and after she was done trying all the outfits, he picked his favorites. I know you can do it, you just need a little push, something to loosen you up.
But she takes perky beyond the point of self-control and gets all-out annoying with her peppiness. A friend of mine pointed out what a freakishly large head she has in proportion to her body. Unsettling, no? Apparently Ray freaked out a bit during a taping of her show and started telling the audience that her marriage was fine, and she was sick of people gossiping about it.